Monday, 12 December 2011

North Carolina - Michigan State Preview

No one can stop talking about the last time these two met, in the same venue, earlier in the year. That was the game of course when the then number one UNC hammered the then number twelve Spartans 98-63, in a game that many will argue was not even that close. What everyone else knows is that result means nothing. For one Michigan St. was playing with out Goran Suton, a key senior, and the Spartans only true post presence. I'm not saying that UNC is going to lose, they are by all means the favorites to win. UNC is completely loaded, and no team has even come close to beating them in the tournament (they have won all of their games by double digits) and the excellent point guard play of Ty Lawson has made the Tar Heels offense look like a well oiled machine. Michigan St. does not have the star power that UNC has, their best player, Big 10 player of the year Kalin Lucas does not have the pedigree or the stat line that any of the other top point guard in the tournament have and hasn't appeared on anybody's NBA radar. UNC has five of the most well known players in college basketball starting for them, and four of them will have a good chance of getting drafted. UNC has unfinished business, Hansbrough, Lawson, Green and Ellington all passed up on the pro for a chance to win a championship, and I don't think they will disappoint. Michigan St. relies on a deep bench, great defense and rebounding to wear down opponents. Against UCONN, 11 different players played 6 or more minutes, 10 scored and the Spartans got 33 bench points. Unfortunately for Michigan St., wearing down UNC won't be easy. UNC has a deep bench as well, and as everyone knows they love to get out and run. Michigan St. excelled when they pushed the ball against UCONN, but that might be something that they want to refrain from when the play the Tar Heels. Michigan St. has been a great defensive team all year, but will they be able to stop the best offensive team in the country?

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